Dive Diva Fan Club (DDFC) is an exclusive club for women who share the passion and enthusiasm in scuba diving. We stand as an ambassador of the ocean and spread awareness to associates who are non-divers about women’s power in dive industry. We promote recreational diving among women, provide educational opportunities, facilitate skills development, support marine environmental awareness in the dive community and its various related activities.

With the existence of the Dive Divas Fanclub, it is hoped that each member will have the opportunity to become a role model and an ambassador to the future generations of women divers, whether to their children, family members or close friends to instil values of awareness towards the ocean and its environment. After all women are often associates with mother nature and biologically have the nurturing instinct to preserve the oceans and marine life, ain’t it? In all seriousness, a lot of marine species are endangered and in needs to be protected.

We strongly believe that scuba diving can bring people of all types of backgrounds to come together and create a bond with a common interest which is scuba diving that can change their lives differently.

Our objective is to empower women and give inspiration to women divers to grab the opportunities for career and business in dive industry. Our club wants to attract women in Malaysia especially to become professionals in diving industries. There are a lot of job opportunities that women can do as a diver. Who says women can’t do tough jobs?

Our mission is to plan diving trips throughout the year, share experiences, knowledge and fun activities that can build strong relationships between members. A lot of knowledge can be shared between divers to enhanced and sharpen the diving skills. The educational gathering will be held often as a platform for DDFC members to become better and professionals.

Our club aims to inspire others as well, women who are non-divers to explore the passion in diving, venture into the dive world and be involved in an industry that can creates job opportunity and build entrepreneurship. We also wants to inspire our members to join other educational seminars and conference that can gives our women a different insight and ambitious self to bring forward our club perhaps to the women diver’s hall of fame!

Our vision is dipping in the ocean every year, perhaps thrice a year! But that’s just a part of the fun perks of it. We are looking at many seminars opportunities, conferences and talks that are specialized for women and empowering women worldwide.

DiveDivas FanClub brings to you a FREE PHOTOGRAPHY COURSE presented by Ipah Uid, a Professional Underwater Photographer. This photography course will be a hands-on sessions which requires participant to bring own camera to learn and ask any questions!