Dive Divas FanClub (DDFC) is an exclusive club for women who share the passion and enthusiasm in scuba diving.

We stand as ambassadors of the ocean and spread awareness about women’s roles in the dive industry. We promote and encourage recreational diving among women. We create and provide educational opportunities. We facilitate skills development. We play a significant role in marine conservation. Above all, we are nurturers in the dive community.

Our objective is to empower women to take the plunge in getting involved with the dive industry, and learn about the endless opportunities it provides both personally and professionally. We have created a unique platform for women to meet, network, learn and work with each other in this business.

2018 DDFC Presentation

Nur Izzati Athirah Binti Mohamad Yusoff.

First Female Underwater Welder in Malaysia.

Izzati, 21 years old and was born in Selama, Perak. She is graduated from Kolej Vokasional Taiping with Diploma of Welding and Fabrication and continues her passsion in Welding Industries when Weldzone Training Centre Sdn Bhd sponsored her scholarship in Commercial Diving & Underwater Welding Course and upgraded her certifications to Instructor level with International Technical Diving Agencies (ITDA/UK/Europe) certifications in 2017.

Initially, Izzati admitted she was not convinced of herself as she felt unable to compete with men because the area was 99% dominated by men. But as soon as she explores this field, she believes that she needs to be brave and to prove to the world that women are also capable of working in this field if she wanted to change her life.

Izzati’s life has changed a lot since she started being a commercial diver & underwater welder as she could help her family.

Therefore, izzati encourages more women to become more courageous and prove to the world that women are also capable of working in the field that men are always subjected to.