About DDFC & Benefits Of Club Membership


Dive Divas Fanclub (DDFC) is for women from all walks of life who love to scuba dive. The aim and objective of DDFC’s is to empower and inspire Women Divers to take up opportunities that is available in career and business.  Also to inspire others through work of passion, to venture and be involved in the industry that creates job opportunity and build entrepreneurship.Dive Divas Fanclub is also a place to meet other lady divers, plan dives, go diving with groups/family outings, to share experience, fun and knowledge with one another.

We promote recreational diving among women, provide educational opportunities, facilitate skills development, support marine environmental awareness in the dive community and its various related activities.

With the existence of the Dive Divas Fanclub, it is hoped that each member will have the opportunity to become a role model and an ambassador to the future generations of women divers, whether to their children, family members or close friends to instill values of awareness towards the ocean and its environment.

We strongly believe that scuba diving can bring people of all types of backgrounds to come together and create a bond with a common interest which is scuba diving that can change their lives differently.

Download the Dive Divas FanClub Charter here.

Benefits of club membership:

  • Organized Seminar / Workshop.

  • Organized dive trips

  • 10% discount at MIDE Catalogue premium items at online shop.

  • Special DDFC members rate for ASIA DIVE CONFERENCE registration.

  • DDFC Member Card entitles  Special Discount offered by Official DDFC Merchants / Sponsors (Dive Shop, Hotel, Travel Agency, Dive Operator)

  • FREE admission to MIDE show yearly.

  • Dive Divas Fan club Annual Gathering during MIDE show.

  • Participation in the Dive Divas contest for MIDE Show yearly.

  • Exclusive Dive Divas merchandise (T-Shirt, Accessories etc).

  • Free classified advertising (website & facebook).

Optional Benefits:

  • DDFC members can purchase MIDE Underwater Card at RM 80.00 per card. (Normal Price RM 100.00)

  • MIDE Underwater Card entitles Discount offered by Merchants/Sponsors (Dive Shop, Hotel, Dive Booth, Travel Agency) worldwide.

  • Renewal for MIDE Underwater Card for DDFC members at RM40.00 per year. (Normal renewal RM50.00)