Honorary Members


Nur Izzati Athirah Binti Mohamad Yusoff.
First Female Underwater Welder in Malaysia.

Izzati, 21 years old and was born in Selama, Perak. She is graduated from Kolej Vokasional Taiping with Diploma of Welding and Fabrication and continues her passsion in Welding Industries when Weldzone Training Centre Sdn Bhd sponsored her scholarship in Commercial Diving & Underwater Welding Course and upgraded her certifications to Instructor level with International Technical Diving Agencies (ITDA/UK/Europe) certifications in 2017.

Initially, Izzati admitted she was not convinced of herself as she felt unable to compete with men because the area was 99% dominated by men. But as soon as she explores this field, she believes that she needs to be brave and to prove to the world that women are also capable of working in this field if she wanted to change her life.

Izzati’s life has changed a lot since she started being a commercial diver & underwater welder as she could help her family.

Therefore, izzati encourages more women to become more courageous and prove to the world that women are also capable of working in the field that men are always subjected to.


Ras Adiba Radzi – Malaysia
NTV7 Newscastere

Ras Adiba Radzi needs no introduction. A well respected figure in the broadcasting fraternity, Ras has a vast experience in the world of media, public relations, anchoring, news gathering, sports reporting & commentary, corporate communication, social responsibility, government protocol & international relations.

In business, Ras manages Ras Network Sdn Bhd a training & TV production set up in since 1995 and works closely with Governmental bodies especially the Information, Tourism & Youth & Sports Ministry and the Women, Development, Community & Development Ministry among others. She is also the Managing Director of Asia Earth Conference Malaysia Sdn Bhd with its latest project being WOMAD, the World Music, arts & dance festival.

A sport buff and a trained sharp shooter under the Paralympic Air Rifle team, Ras works closely with various bodies in the states in improving Malaysia’s accessibility for the Disabled. She is the Founder of OKU Sentral and an Advisor for Persatuan Perwira K9 Malaysia, a support group for the Disabled in particular Spinal Cord injury patients.

Ras is also one of the nation’s leading motivational speaker who shares her life experience at schools, universities, non-governmental organisations, government and corporate bodies.

Her specialization covers Corporate Consulting & training, Media relations, Government & Dignitaries protocol, Corporate Social Responsibility, Emceeing, Voice over recordings, Women, Disability and Accessible Auditing. Ras sings Jazz, soul, R&B, poetical numbers & performs in theatre production. She has also written novels and an anthology.

Azua Shafii – Malaysia
Malaysian Female Freediving Champion

Azua Shafii is Malaysian female freediving champion who holds multiple records for freediving in Malaysia and South East Asia. She is the first SSI Freediving instructor in Malaysia Singapore and Brunei and founded Apnea Odyssey, a dive centre dedicated solely to freediving. She currently serves as President of My Apnea Diver, an official club for A.I.D.A Malaysia. In this capacity she is determined to promote more about freediving and encourage more members and Malaysian to try freediving and also to represent Malaysia and compete in international arena.

Y.Zin (1)

Y.Zin Kim-Korea – Korea
Photographer & Art Director

Y.Zin is the first “National Geographic’s professional underwater photographer” in Korea, brings in a high quality underwater skill and an education for models working underwater. And she is already famous overseas as commercial photographer. In Korea she shoots posters for movies and TV dramas, takes advertisement pictures and works magazine’s pictorials.

Last year in Asia she was the first woman received credit for side-mounted cave diver, preparing documentary about underwater cave expedition with channel “Nat Geo”. And also she plans on launching “Shark Savers Campaign” as an official Korean leader.


Nurul Azlifah Mohd Ismail – Malaysia
OWSI PADI Instructor ,Underwater Photographer& Manager of UrbanIsland Divers dive shop

NURUL AZLIFAH BTE MOHD ISMAIL ( IPAH UID ) was born in 28th June 1976. She is an OWSI PADI instructor and an Underwater Photographer. Mother of 4 boys and 2 girls, Ipah is also managing her own dive shop in Pulau Perhentian called UrbanIsland Divers . She Conducts Speciality Classes of DUP Padi in Photography and is a honorary member for Dive Diva’s fan club.

Ms.Mallika Naguran – Singapore
founder of Gaia Discovery

Mallika Naguran is the founder of Gaia Discovery, an online publication on diving, marine life, eco-tourism and sustainability.

She is university researcher and writer on diving, health and more. Based in Singapore, the mother of two has SSI Stress and Rescue Diver certification, conducts coral reef restoration programs and keeps diving even when she aches.

Ms.Olga Torrey – USA
Sidemount Diver

Originally from Russia Olga Torrey has been living in New York City for the past 20 years. She has a college honor degree in physical education and worked as a gym teacher, athletic director, and gym owner back in the former USSR. She is also a fine artist and Life member of the Art Students League of New York.

Olga spends as much time underwater as possible. Because of her background in physical education she dives sidemount. This allows her to carry the most gas, while putting the least amount of stress on her body.

She has taken her talent as a fine artist and applied her skills to photography both above and below the water. Olga has taken underwater photographs from the warm waters of Bonaire to the green rich waters of Alaska. She has been published in InVetrum, X-Ray Magazine, Northeast Dive News and The Ultimate Depth.

Ms.Sorraya – Malaysia
DDFC Honor Member Since 2013

Sorraya is a diver with more than 500 loged dive. When she was pregnant she shared her experience as a pregnant diver during MIDE2013.